How Anchor Harvey Created a Blueprint for Growth with New Market Expansion Campaigns


Increase in
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New Accounts Landed In Targeted Industries

Building Opportunities Beyond
the Automotive Industry

Anchor Harvey’s strategic plan to expansion into new markets
would ensure revenue diversification and growth

Anchor Harvey, a leading aluminum forging company with a century of expertise in precision manufacturing, faced a pivotal challenge: expanding its market reach. With a rich legacy in the Automotive and Motorsports industry, the company recognized the potential to apply its component forging expertise to additional sectors. The emerging electric vehicle (EV) industry, with its demand for lightweight, high-strength aluminum parts, presented an ideal opportunity. The challenge was to strategically position Anchor Harvey to capture this new market while leveraging its advanced technology and deep-rooted experience.


Building a Market Expansion Blueprint

The “Electrification of Transport” presents a pivotal opportunity for Anchor Harvey to carve out a dominant position in the emerging Electric Vehicle (EV) industry. Recognizing this potential, Red Caffeine collaborated with Anchor Harvey to craft a strategic market entry and positioning plan. This plan was not merely about overcoming the challenge of entering a new market but seizing the chance to fill a critical niche as a manufacturing authority for EV components and use this strategy to create a blueprint for market expansion into other sectors. By leveraging Anchor Harvey’s century-long expertise in aluminum forging alongside its technological advancements, Red Caffeine aimed to showcase the company’s forward-thinking approach and engineering prowess. The strategy was meticulously designed to elevate Anchor Harvey as the preferred partner for EV manufacturers, emphasizing its capability to produce lightweight, high-strength aluminum parts essential for the next generation of electric transportation.

The RC Solution

Re-Positioning for Growth in the Electric Vehicle Sector

To support Anchor Harvey’s ambition to penetrate the Electric Vehicle (EV) market, Red Caffeine developed a comprehensive strategy and market expansion campaign tailored to position the company as a leader in the field. Our approach capitalized on Anchor Harvey’s existing strengths while addressing the nuances of the new market. This strategy was built on a foundation of deep market insights, re-positioning the brand, and innovative communication tactics. Red Caffeine aimed to not only introduce Anchor Harvey to the EV industry but to establish it as the go-to authority for forged aluminum components.


  • Market Analysis and Strategy Development: Conducting comprehensive market research to understand the unique needs and challenges of the EV industry, who influenced the sector and identifying where Anchor Harvey’s capabilities could provide the most value.

  • Brand Positioning and Messaging: Developing the Anchor Harvey EV Work Group Brand and targeted messaging to highlight their unique value proposition to EV manufacturers.

  • Top Prospect Campaign: We identified and engaged high-value prospects with personalized messaging and solutions, aimed at converting them into sales qualified leads.
  • Outreach and Partnerships: Engaging with key stakeholders in the EV sector, including publications and associations, to establish credibility for Anchor Harvey as a trusted and indispensable partner for forged aluminum components.

A Winning Formula for Market Diveresification

A framework for future growth

Anchor Harvey’s successful entry into the electric vehicle (EV) component manufacturing market not only signifies a remarkable achievement but also serves as a strategic blueprint for future market expansion efforts. The significant outcomes of their strategic initiative—establishing a strong market presence, fostering innovation-led growth, and forming strategic partnerships—highlight a replicable model for venturing into new industries, such as aerospace. This model underscores the importance of leveraging existing expertise, embracing technological innovation, and engaging in targeted market positioning. As Anchor Harvey contemplates its next chapter of growth, the lessons learned and strategies employed in capturing the EV market equip the company with a proven framework for conquering new frontiers.

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We help companies solve real world challenges and pursue growth opportunities. This is what it looks like.

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