How a Fastener Manufacturer and Distributor Leveraged Branding to Grow Sales and Employee Satisfaction


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Brand Building Results in Record Sales as well as an
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Optimas Solutions, a global leader in manufacturing and distributing C-class components, has historically excelled in sourcing and delivering over nine billion parts annually, from fasteners to enclosures. Despite the critical role these components play, their importance is often understated in the OEMs’ budget, typically only 1% of the total project cost. In a landscape where manufacturers and distributors often fade into a backdrop of similarity, competing mainly on cost, Optimas faced the challenge of differentiating itself. The company sought not just to be recognized as a supplier but to be seen as a strategic partner that ensures supply chain assurance, quality control, and innovation in inventory management.


Differentiating in a Sea of “Vanilla”

Optimas stood at a crossroads, striving to be perceived distinctly in an industry often deemed unexciting. The task was daunting: transform the brand to attract top-tier customers and talent and distinguish itself from competitors in a way that transcends traditional industry norms. They aimed to shed the ‘dull gray’ image of the manufacturing and distribution sector, positioning themselves as a leader of creativity and innovation.

The RC Solution

A Bold Leap: Creating a Customer-Centric Brand and Market Strategy

Rebooting the Optimas Solutions’ Grow-to-Market™ strategy required completely transforming the essence of the brand, embracing a colorful and energetic aesthetic that broke away from competitors. This revitalization was not just about changing perceptions but about creating a brand that pulsates with life and innovation.


  • Vibrant Brand Aesthetic: Optimas’s rebranding included a colorful visual identity that broke from conventional tones in manufacturing. It energized its communications, digital presence, and spaces, showcasing creativity and forward thinking.

  • Animated Product Composites: We introduced animated composites of Optimas’s C-class components to highlight industry focus and product range, transforming fasteners and enclosures into “industry personas.”
  • Engaging Storytelling: Their refreshed brand voice was crafted to engage and inspire through a mix of strategic storytelling and personalized narratives. Whether through the memorable AWESOME ads that could inspire future female supply chain leaders or content that connected customers with their engineering prowess or their technology-driven approach to inventory management.
  • Content Strategy: Central to our Grow-to-Market™ strategy was the development of a customer-centric content plan. By focusing on value-added services, quality, inventory management, operations enhancement, and supply chain optimization, the content strategy aimed to position Optimas as a strategic partner rather than just a supplier.

  • Enhanced User Experience and SEO Optimization: A key pillar of our strategy involved a revamp of Optimas’s website to not only embody the new brand aesthetic but also to ensure an intuitive and engaging user experience. By implementing SEO best practices, we optimized the site’s visibility and searchability, ensuring that customers and prospects could easily find answers to their business problem.
  • Facility Transformation: The redesign of the facilities has not only bolstered its employer brand but has also created lasting impressions on visiting customers, distinguishing Optimas’ physical spaces as much as its market presence.

Strategic Branding Efforts Have Profound Impact on Market Position

Optimas Solutions Ensures Scaleble Growth

Optimas Solutions’ journey from blending in to standing out serves as a testament to the power of strategic branding and creative marketing in transforming not just a company’s image but its entire market presence. This case study underscores the undeniable value of investing in a brand’s differentiation, proving that even in the most ‘unsexy’ industries, a focus on humanity, creativity, and strategic partnership can redefine the essence of a brand and chart a path to more sustainable growth.

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We help companies solve real world challenges and pursue growth opportunities. This is what it looks like.

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