How Living a Beyond Business Friendly Brand Promise Delivers Record High Occupancy Rates


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Attendees at the Made in Elk Grove Manufacturing and Technology EXPO


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Adapting to Economic Uncertainties
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Elk Grove Village’s ongoing investment in brand
awareness pays off with vacancy rates at about 1%

Elk Grove Village, located 20 miles northwest of Chicago, is home to the largest Industrial Park in the United States. Despite that fact, in 2012, the Village struggled with a low-business occupancy rate due to the loss of manufacturing jobs and excessive taxation. Economic development poses many challenges beyond reputation. Factors like finding the right building or space, pricing, and access to transportation must align perfectly. It’s not just about the site itself; brokers and site selectors play a crucial role in finding the right space by guiding companies to understanding the value of relocating or expanding their business footprint. This process is complicated by the ever-evolving business needs and market dynamics, requiring developers to not only cater to current demands but also anticipate future trends.


Rebuilding the Business Park’s Reputation

The aftermath of the recession was not favorable for Elk Grove Village, whose Business Park was seen as a “ghost town” within the municipality and regionally. There was a pressing need to change this perception and revitalize the economic landscape. For more than 10 years Elk Grove Village has invested in a mission to be “Beyond Business Friendly,” embedding this philosophy into every aspect of its operation – from policies to strategic initiatives and employee engagement. This brand vision not only cultivated an organizational culture focused on economic development but also prepared the Village to face future crises effectively. When faced with the economic repercussions of the coronavirus pandemic, Elk Grove Village met the challenge to uphold its commitment to the business community and respond with impactful solutions.

The RC Solution

Launching an Integrated Campaign to Attract and Retain Business

Using competitive research and stakeholder feedback to solidify our market position. Red Caffeine developed a memorable brand encapsulated in the tagline “Beyond Business Friendly.” This branding laid the foundation for a series of innovative campaigns:


  • Internal Stakeholder Engagement: An internal brand launch and culture realignment equipped Village staff (Police, Fire, Public Works and Village Employees) with communication tools to support prospective and current businesses in thriving and growing in the community.
  • Supporting Current Businesses: We developed campaigns and business-building strategies, including leadership and workforce development events, to help businesses prosper and scale.

  • Outreach and Brand Awareness: Leveraged integrated marketing strategies to position Elk Grove as the Nation’s Largest Business Park with strong value propositions like tax incentives and access to transportation to attract new businesses.
  • Experiential Campaigns: The “Made In Elk Grove Village Manufacturing and Technology Expo” became a key initiative, offering resident businesses exposure and access to sales opportunities.
  • National Campaign: we launched a targeted national campaign series. This included a diverse media mix that drove traffic to the Makers Wanted microsite and featured resident businesses.
  • Multi-Touch Lead Generation Campaign: Launched in 2021, this campaign targeted Manufacturing Business Leaders, Commercial Real Estate Brokers, and businesses seeking proximity to Data Centers, focusing on regional advantages, a talent-ready workforce, and infrastructure benefits.

A Model of Resilient and Proactive Leadership

Setting a Benchmark for Economic Development

Under the leadership of Mayor Johnson, the Village Economic Development team and the collaborative efforts of Red Caffeine, Elk Grove Village has emerged as a symbol of resilience and dedication to its business-friendly brand promise. The Village’s comprehensive response and its ongoing efforts to support its business community have set a new benchmark for municipal leadership. This case exemplifies how a strong brand vision, coupled with a commitment to community and business partnership, can navigate challenges and foster collective success. Elk Grove Village stands as a testament to the enduring impact of being truly “Beyond Business Friendly.”

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We help companies solve real world challenges and pursue growth opportunities. This is what it looks like.

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