How a Consulting Firm Disrupted the Market with a Pioneering Move into Product Innovation


Of Annual Revenue
Generated by the
Ligado Platform


KCIC Has Doubled it’s Business Since Ligado’s Product Launch

Building a Brand — and Technology that
Could Compete with Marketplace Leaders

KCIC’s investment in brand and product development
accelerates growth

KCIC, a strategic consulting firm known for its unique blend of subject matter expertise and cutting-edge technology, faced a significant challenge in increasing brand awareness and credibility in a highly competitive industry. Despite offering services that rivaled those of larger competitors, KCIC struggled to attract clients and Ivy League talent due to perceptions of credibility and brand reputation. The firm needed to showcase its capabilities and innovative approach, particularly its new technology, which promised to revolutionize data analysis for complex legal cases and liability issues for high-risk businesses.


Could a Service Company Build and Launch a Technology?

Transitioning from a service-based model to incorporating a suite of industry-focused technology products presented KCIC with a unique set of challenges. As a company historically rooted in strategic consulting, they had to navigate the complexities of product development, a domain that required a different set of skills, resources, and strategic approaches. This pivot demanded not only significant investments in research and development but also a cultural shift within the organization to embrace product innovation alongside their established consulting services. Moreover, KCIC faced the task of convincing their existing client base and broader market of the value and efficiency of these new technology solutions.

The RC Solution

Building and Executing a Full-Scale Grow-to-Market™ Plan

To address the multifaceted challenges of transitioning from a service-based model to launching a suite of industry-focused technology products, KCIC enlisted the expertise of Red Caffeine. The partnership aimed to harness Red Caffeine’s vast experience in strategy, branding, marketing, and technology to develop and execute a Grow-to Market™ strategy. This comprehensive approach was tailored to KCIC’s unique position in the market, leveraging immersive co-creation sessions for the brand, messaging, and platform development that fostered innovation and ensured the final product and launch plan was closely aligned with the markets needs.


  • Brand Position, Brand Architecture and Key Messaging Strategy: Establishing a clear and compelling brand identity that highlighted KCIC’s unique value proposition and technological edge.
  • Logo Design, Product Name and Brand Story Development: Crafting a visual identity, tagline, product name and narrative that resonated with target audiences and differentiated KCIC from its competitors.
  • Custom Software: Outlining and managing the development roadmap, leading the user experience (UX) design, and collaborating on the product’s development.
  • Product Launch Campaign: Strategically introducing the technology, now known as the Ligado Platform, to the market with a targeted campaign.
  • Website UX and Development: Enhancing the user experience on KCIC’s website to improve engagement and conversion rates.
  • MarTech Set Up and Sales Tools: Implementing marketing technology solutions and creating effective sales presentations and tools for a comprehensive sales rollout.
  • Public Relations, Social Media, and Events Strategy: Boosting KCIC’s presence in the media, on social platforms, and at industry events to increase visibility and credibility.

Market-Leading Technology underpins
Transformational Growth

Radical change in business model leads to sustainable success

Through strategic brand positioning, innovative technology, and targeted marketing efforts, KCIC has successfully transformed its market presence and competitive standing. The firm’s ability to differentiate itself with the Ligado Platform and additional technologies has not only enhanced its reputation but also significantly contributed to its financial and operational growth. The best part is that they have managed to build this capability without limiting their ability to scale their consulting services.

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We help companies solve real world challenges and pursue growth opportunities. This is what it looks like.

We help companies solve real world challenges and pursue growth opportunities. This is what it looks like.

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