Benefits Of A Fractional Team

Outsourcing Solutions for
Growth Focused Leaders

Fractional teams reduce personnel costs and allow companies to concentrate on their core competencies, improving business efficiency by delegating non-essential functions to external, specialized experts. This approach not only provides access to a broader pool of specialized skills and expertise but also offers scalability and flexibility to adjust services according to changing business needs.

Don’t Hire an Internal Team When
You Only Need a Fractional One

Outsourced services increase your efficiency and regulate employment costs while enabling you to allocate your internal staff more effectively. The RC service offering includes a fractional team led by a C-level marketing leader that enables your business to scale rapidly without hiring a wide range of full-time staff members to move a growth plan forward.

Benefits of a Fractional Team

Cost Savings

Organizations need a variety of specialized skill-sets to drive growth. Fractional staffing enables access to senior-level experts and specialized skills that would be impossible to
hire full-time.

Core Focus

By outsourcing non-core tasks, companies can concentrate on their core competencies and primary business functions, allowing them to improve performance in areas that provide the most value.


It’s more efficient and more valuable to onboard an entire team at once versus a single full-time employee. Fractional teams are used to making these transitions on a
regular basis.


Turnover can be disruptive and leave an organization vulnerable. With a fractional team, there’s a reduced risk associated with hiring, firing, and training, reducing overall talent expenditure.


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of businesses who hired internal marketing wished they would have hired a full-service agency instead.

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We help companies solve real world challenges and pursue growth opportunities. Here’s what Red Caffeine work looks like.

We help companies solve real world challenges and pursue growth opportunities. Here’s what Red Caffeine work looks like.

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