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Do These Challenges
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No one wants to stumble through another year of declining
revenue and missed opportunities. Do better next year by
addressing the issues you faced this year.

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We wanted to get off the hamster wheel. We needed to grow Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) faster, better, smarter, and easier rather than running ourselves ragged and creating new content. Red Caffeine showed us how to take all the blogs, case studies, and resources from our website waiting to be found through our SEO efforts and put them on pillar pages. These pages now provide a simpler user experience, highlight our value propositions, drive engagement, and enable our sales team to be more successful.


U.S. Marketing Director – OPTIMAS

of revenue goal by June! Optimas Solutions surpassed its
entire 2023 revenue goal in H1 with Red Caffeine.

See How 3 Manufacturers
Found Success in 2023 with
Red Caffeine

Stuart Katz (Optimas Solutions U.S. Director of Marketing), Rich Wozniak (Bales Metal Solutions Technical Service Manager), and Tom Lafaivre (President and CEO of Anchor Harvey) shared how they leveraged technology to generate leads, positioned their organizations as thought leaders and used branding to reinforce a

Why Start Now?


Believe it or not, Q3 is the best time to set your sights on next year’s
goals, as well as the strategies and tactics you need to reach them.



building an effective lead
generation campaign


designing and developing
a B2B website


finding, nurturing, and
winning a new customer

Better Marketing.
A Strong Brand Magnet.
An Integrated Tech Stack.
It’s all right around the corner.

Upcoming Events

VIA Workshop – Build Repeatable, Predictable,
and Scalable Revenue for 2024

Network and learn with industry peers. Join us on Wednesday, September 20th at 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM CST for a
live, interactive workshop in which Red Caffeine CEO, Kathy Steele will help you determine where you should focus your energy in the year ahead.

Here’s What We’ll Discuss:

Mapping Your Customer’s Journey From Awareness to Action

Integrated Marketing for Lead Generation and Differentiation

Using Technology to Make Smart Decisions and Automate Workflows

Getting Your Sales and Marketing Teams on the Same Page

Every month, we invite industry thought leaders from our network to discuss the key trends and everlasting best practices they recommend companies follow. Tune in to the Business as ‘Un’usual livestream on the third Thursday of each month.

Insight-Driven Success:
Mastering Customer Research for Business Growth

May 9, 2024
Livechat w/ Speakers
12:00-1:00PM CST

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