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Sunny Xu

Account Coordinator

I have a master’s degree in Communication from Northwestern and a deep understanding of psychology and cultural nuances from my bachelor's work. I'm a tri-lingual marketing strategist who excels in crafting compelling narratives that resonate on a global scale. My expertise goes beyond traditional marketing; I leverage insights and creativity to engage audiences deeply, turning brands into household names. My approach combines analytical rigor with creative flair, making me a unique force in driving meaningful brand engagement.

Super Powers

“Challenge Accepted!” - I learn fast and master faster

Industry Experience

Technology & Information, E-Commerce, IIOT, AI, Education, Non-profit

Street Cred

3+ Years in Marketing 

3+ Years of Project Management

B2C/B2B Corporate Giants & Startup Experiences

Founder of a Non-Profit Vegetarian Restaurant


Avid rock climber and terrible snowboarder with a penchant for musical experimentation on my keyboard and launchpad. I share my space with two cats, Loki (4) and Happi (1.5); Happi is twice Loki’s size. I once got an invite from a monk to stay in their temple for 30 days while I was doing Zen meditation in Kyoto.

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