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Mauricio Moreno

Mauricio Moreno

Senior SEO Strategist

Why I'm a BADASS

I have been living and breathing SEO for over 20 years and worked with some of the biggest companies in the game. My competitive nature drives my passion to hit that #1 position in Google. My specialty is developing strategy and technical SEO with knowing which levers to pull to get results.

Street Cred

  • 20 Years In SEO
  • 10 Years Leading Teams
  • Manage SEO for Multiple Fortune 500 Companies
  • B2B and B2C
  • Speaker and Mentor
  • Data Enthusiast 

Super Powers

Solving Problems and Data Analysis

Industry Experience

Technology, SaaS, Consumer Retail eCommerce, BtoB and BtoC Lead Generation.


I love having hobbies. I’m a musician and photographer and currently developing an obsession with archery. I also have a cat named Monkey and a few fish that keep me very entertained.