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Heather Carbray

Director of Finance and HR

I am the Financial Maven and the HR Heiress of Red Caffeine. I have a passion for both numbers and people and am able to connect the dots between company financials and human resources, without losing sight of human capital being the biggest asset. From leading our team in the Great Game of Business, to financial literacy training, to Employer Brand consulting, I am always ready to dive into an issue and help. Being equally left brain/right brain, I find the common ground between analytics and emotion. A true wallflower by definition, I will typically blend into the scenery, but when I do speak, people listen.

Super Powers

Practicality, Empathy, and Invisibility

Industry Experience

Hospitality, Healthcare, Education, Professional Services, Non-Profit.

Street Cred

20 years in Accounting

10 years of Strategic Financial Modeling

10 years in General HR Management

6 years in Recruitment

10  Years Leadership

Contributing Writer for Daily Herald


2 time Red Caffeine Karaoke winner


I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, whether singing karaoke at a local bar or playing board games at home. I love being outdoors and finding peace in nature either  sitting on a beach listening to the waves or hiking a scenic trail. I enjoy volunteering for any cause that is trying to make the world a better place.

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