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Amy Anderson

Amy Anderson

Vice President of Client Services

Why I'm a BADASS
I lead the Red Caffeine mission to deliver exceptional client experiences, but I don’t just talk the talk, I walk the walk. In addition to running the Account Management department I also manage my own clients. I am a results-driven, creative problem solver and I LOVE what I do. From developing lead generation campaigns to re-architecturing your brand, I put my marketing experience and passion for impact to use every day. I know you are busy, so it’s my job to be a proactive, focused leader to help achieve your business goals. I may run a tight ship but there is always room for fun--I believe we can (and should be) the best part of your day. 

Street Cred  

  • 20 Years in Client Services 
  • 7 Years in Agency Leadership 
  • B2C/B2B 
  • Panelist, Speaker  
  • Advisory Board Member for the Northern Illinois Digital Marketing MBA Program 
  • Effie Winner 

Super Powers
Emotional Intelligence and “Bucket-filler” 

Industry Experience
Consumer Product Goods, Employer Branding, Financial, Manufacturing, Professional Services, Real Estate, Sports Sponsorships 

I enjoy curling up with a good book, hiking our beautiful state parks, trying to steal my husband’s green thumb, and playing chauffeur/cheerleader for my two busy children, Audrey and Tyler.