Kayla Portillo

Kayla Portillo

Account Manager

On her daily morning commute to the Metra station in Lombard, Kayla couldn’t help but notice Red Caffeine and was intrigued by the overall aesthetic of the company. After stalking RC for a couple years, she was thrilled to join the team in 2016. Since coming on as an Account Manager, Kayla has had a role in ten different client accounts. She spends her days getting all up in her clients’ businesses to find ways to link marketing strategies and sales initiatives to help achieve their goals. She works closely with clients to understand their vision, pain points, and overall objectives to help the RC team execute projects that have a meaningful impact.


Some of her favorite projects include a series of automated email journeys that increased the bandwidth and effectiveness of a customer development team, a direct mail campaign that highlighted a client’s awesome facility to non-local prospects, and a brand launch roadshow that helped company leaders introduce their new brand to plant locations across the country.


Before joining Red Caffeine, Kayla spent a decade working as a Marketing Manager for various university departments, including business and law schools in downtown Chicago.


Kayla is known for her zen-like approach, which she credits to the sleep deprivation that comes with her two young kids. Outside of work, she loves spending time with her family, reading, and explaining to people that no, she is not related to “Portillo's” and has no special hook-up for Italian beef.

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