Heather Carbray

Heather Carbray

Director of Finance and Administration

Known as #9, Heather was the first full-time employee to join The Original 8. With a background in accounting, she came onto the team part-time processing RC’s invoice, and shortly after, Heather switched roles and became our full-time Office Manager in 2014.


Her previous role has since evolved into the Operations Manager of RC. She heads our financials, human resources, and administration. It's clear that she’s got a knack for numbers and a passion for people.


An introvert by true definition, Heather is quieter than most in the office, but her sarcastically witty sense of humor comes naturally. And although she doesn’t always have a lot to say, when she does speak, people listen.


When she is not crunching numbers or having conversations with team members, Heather can be found hiking with her sons or singing one of her favorite songs at a karaoke bar. She equally enjoys spending time with friends and family or time alone as long as she has a good book or great music.


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