Brew Crew Takes 2nd Place in Softball League

Red Caffeine’s softball team, the Brew Crew, experienced a Cinderella story firsthand this season. Finishing at the bottom of the bracket in 2016 wasn’t our style, so we implemented a strategic growth strategy to move up the food chain in 2017 with the slogan, Try Not to Suck.

Spring training consisted of batting and fielding practice once a week. Once the season finally started, we made sure everyone was properly hydrated with a beer or two before each game.

While there were no fairy godmothers or pumpkin carriage, Julie’s husband played an outstanding snack mom and Danny Wyse was a fantastic coach. Lesson learned: far-fetched dreams can come true with a little teamwork magic. The season wasn’t the smoothest of rides, but we persevered and claimed 2nd place in our league on a stormy summer’s eve. As lightning struck in the distance, the Brew Crew struck terror into the hearts of our opponents in semi-finals. Final score: 12 – 8, Brew Crew wins!

Special shout out to our team sponsor, Shannon’s Deli. Thank you for your support!