Two New Things At Red Caffeine

There’s been a lot of positive momentum at Red Caffeine … literally and figuratively.

#1. Welcome to our newest RC BADASS

We’re very excited to announce our newest team member and BADASS public relations guy — welcome to RC, Ryan Gartman! Ryan lives in Lombard, Illinois with his wife Liz and beautiful little girl, Natalie Rose. He loves sports, photography, and hammering out DIY projects.

A Few of Ryan’s Biggest Accomplishments:

  • Securing a two-page product feature article for Bosch Power Tools in Popular Mechanics.
  • Promoting the 13 millionth and 14 millionth barrels of Jim Beam Bourbon with the brand's master distiller
  • Captivating East Coast media outlets by creating a "rebarkable" record-setting event with Purina's Food Truck for Dogs
  • Successfully launching Chevrolet’s first electric vehicle by managing special events, a regional media tour and a unique social influencer campaign

What He Hopes to Bring to RC:

Ryan’s prowess as a communications expert will open new doors into reaching target audiences. His eagerness to become ingrained in his client’s business and his knowledge of the media cycle will directly impact future strategies and immediately help educate editors about unique brand stories, driving results to the next level.

#2. Welcome to our newest ... table?

We have a brand new conference table! That’s also a whiteboard! That’s also a ping pong table! That’s also a … nope, that was it. But it’s been pretty life-changing.

We used to only see the Development team when there was free food or alcohol involved, but now they venture to the front office almost every day!