Jonathan Takes On The World Marathon Challenge

7 marathons. 7 continents. 7 days.

Our friend and client, Jonathan Terrell President of KCIC, earned his title as a World Marathon Challenge finisher on Monday, February 5th. He trained for a year to race around the world and spread the word about adolescent and pediatric mental health. His goal is to raise $1 million to upgrade the Pediatric Mental Health Unit at Children's National Health System.

Jonathan, along with 50 other competitors, started their 7-day feat in Antarctica where the temperature was -10°C. 7 marathons, 7 continents, and 7 days later, they finished their last trek in Miami, Florida. Out of the men’s results, Jonathan finished 16th overall with an average time of 4:54:04.

As close friends of Jonathan, we were among some of his biggest cheerleaders. Keeping up with his progress throughout the week, we couldn’t wait to see him cross the finish line. So instead of reading about the last race on social media, we decided to fly down to watch it ourselves and congratulate Jonathan in person. Kathy Steele, President and CEO of Red Caffeine; Julie Poulos, Vice President; Amy Anderson, Director of Client Services; and Kim MacGregor, Content Writer and Consultant; took a trip to Miami. Kim even had the honor of running by his side for one of the five loops.

After crossing the final finish line, Jonathan requested a beer and some good food. He got both that night! The next day, he was back in the office to share his experiences with his team, and just two days after completing the challenge, he hosted an Evening of Awareness about mental health at his son’s school.

The best part about it? He not only did something adventurous and rewarding for himself, but he focused on the bigger picture by running for a cause. If you haven’t heard of Jonathan’s mission, you can follow his journey on social media using #taketherisk or visit his website If you’d like to make a donation to help upgrade the Pediatric Mental Health Unit and Children's National Health System, you still can! Donate here.

Source: YouTube