RC Think Tank Challenge

When you work with a team of talented marketers and technologists, you find opportunities to innovate and nerd out together! This month we conducted an experiment. Instead of having a presentation at our weekly Culture Club meeting, we did the first ever RC Think Tank Challenge, inspired by Ryan Holiday’s Growth Hacker Marketing. Our team pulled out giant pads of paper and markers, divided into small groups, and spent 30 minutes analyzing and solving a client business challenge.

We shared fresh approaches to problems, collaborated outside our typical teams, and exercised strategic thinking, leadership and presentation skills. The campaign presentations had common foundational threads that revealed how aligned our team is on basic approaches, but each team brought creative nuances and new insights.

The raving success of this first Think Tank Challenge left the team hungry for the next one. We love our clients so much that account teams were eagerly pitching their clients to be the focus of our next RC Think Tank.