RCU Launches a Book Club

RCU is our professional development program supporting our value: We uphold a culture of learning. As cliché as it sounds, continual learning has been key to our success. This year we launched the RCU Book Club to bring fresh perspectives, approaches, and conversations to our office. Each team member was assigned a small discussion group to document key takeaways and action items.

Our first book, Content Code by Mark W. Schaefer, was dissected, debated, and discussed at length. While most of us agreed that it wasn’t the most riveting read, we did have some good “Aha!” moments and appreciated the author’s use of the acronym BADASS to summarize six elements for igniting your content.

The book we’re currently discussing is Growth Hacker Marketing by Ryan Holiday. The first group to read and discuss the book was inspired to try the first ever RC Think Tank Challenge. The goal was to take a more holistic look at a client’s business challenge and leverage the entire RC team to brainstorm, collaborate, and glean creative ideas.

The RCU Book Club has already proven to be a valuable use of our time. Do you know of any books we should add to our reading wish list? Let us know!