Small Giants Summit 2017: Reinvention

This year, the Small Giants Summit was aptly themed "Reinvention," as it was in Detroit. The first panel showcased emerging businesses in the Detroit area that are purposed-based and aim to foster a healthy community. We witnessed a range of talents, from fitness and providing healthy food options, to helping entrepreneurs start up. 

The theme of "Reinvention" reemerged as fellow Small Giants members shared stories about how their values and purpose helped overcome business challenges. It's hard not to walk away inspired by businesses who've successfully turned around bland or even unhealthy workplace cultures into thriving successes.

In alignment with the Small Giants Community, Forbes recognized 25 businesses for entrepreneurial excellence and fostering a healthy ecosystem. We are excited to share that our client, Essential Ingredients, was amongst the ones honored, as well as RC friend Fusion OEM.

Kathy Steele and Julie Poulos returned from Detroit reenergized by the businesses that share the same values, principles and practices of living a healthy culture. This is the company we choose to surround ourselves with.