The planning phase of strategy is where we really nerd-out. We take all the insights uncovered in the business audits and market research and we develop a plan to achieve your business goals. The purpose is to provide a focus for what we want to achieve and clear understanding of how we plan to get there. The deliverables of planning are recommendations for +branding, +technology, and +marketing tactics, and a line-of-sight for how they work together.


This is where we really push ourselves to think different. Why? Because we can get the attention of your customers and prospects with a couple badass campaign concepts. Once we determine the creative theme, target audience, and campaign goals, we can plan the content and distribution channels to achieve results. A successful campaign gets in front of your target audience multiple times and reinforces the same general message. It’s like muscle-memory. The more impressions made, the more they associate your chosen message with your business.


Consider the Go-To-Market Plan your road map to achieve business growth. No matter how you want to grow, whether prioritizing building your current book of business or attracting and retaining top talent, you need to have a plan of action. The Go-To-Market plan is an outline of next steps for +branding, +technology, and +marketing. You can see when things are happening and how they work together. This step is crucial for ensuring your plan is focused, meaningful, and achievable.