You must clearly understand the landscape of your market and where your business stands to make an actionable plan for business growth. For new buyers, perception is reality. We expose those perceived strengths and weaknesses, as well as new opportunities to grow your market share. The intent is to uncover key findings and insights that will drive your go-to-market plan. The added value is, as your full-service agency of record, we become experts in your organization along the way.


Do you really know what your customers want? What about your prospects? We’ve found that as an objective third-party, your clients and prospects tend to provide us more candid insights on your organization. We extract market perceptions of your strengths and weaknesses, recommendations for how you can better support your clients, opinions on how you stack up against the competition, and even explanations for why your lost business had decided to part ways.


An analysis of your head-to-head competition’s messaging, offering, and brand identity is a great starting point to break through the clutter and differentiate your brand. Determine what products and/or services are saturated. Is there a unique offering that you provide but your competitors do not? There’s some truth to the expression, “keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” The insight can really pay off!


Benchmarking identifies exceptional strategies and tactics to support you in +branding, +technology, and +marketing. Instead of focusing on your competitors, we focus more on companies producing complementary products or services or companies with similar campaign goals. The purpose is to interpret the effectiveness of the benchmark efforts so we can recreate it in your own unique way. If we don’t have to, let’s not recreate the wheel.


Tools and technology give us a look behind the curtain for how you compete online. With the right resources, we can figure out who earns the most online traffic between you and your competition. We then take a look at the “how.” How is the top performer earning that traffic? Are they doing paid search? What’s their keyword strategy? The outcome of online research sets us up to improve your brand’s online trust, improve ranking, and ultimately get a bigger piece of the digital traffic pie.


Tap into a network that your customers and prospects already trust. We figure out where your ideal business consumes information, who is sharing that information, and how we can align your organization with what the influencer is already talking about. Influencers can be individuals, organizations, groups, associations, and publications. It’s all about getting a sense for who’s got the clout in your specific market.