To become fully entangled with your team, we need to understand what makes your business engine run. We take a deep dive into your organization through a collection of workshops and exercises to audit your people, processes, tools, and technologies. The outcome of these exercises drives research and recommendations to fuel strategic growth.


In a team onboarding workshop, we dig into your business goals, unearthing the burning questions that keep you up at night and your vision for how you’d like to grow your business for the future. These discussions help outline your market research goals. It’s our business to get up in your business.


We talk to your team to extract your perceived strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, and much more. What tools would help them do their best work? Where are there inefficiencies in operations? What do they want to know from your customers? Your team members are often the gatekeepers to remarkable insights. It’s all about asking the right questions.


Identify gaps and opportunities in your sales process with our two-part, in-person Sales Audit workshop. Through our guided exercises, we help you define your growth goals and understand how to make them realistic and achievable. First, we break down your current book of business and sales process. Then we dive into the data to align +branding, +technology, and +marketing recommendations with your go-to-market sales strategy.


Often the intangible values of tech, such as saved time and improved data collection, are the fast-acting changes you need to impact your bottom line. In our Technology Audit, we evaluate your existing software infrastructure to develop a cost-benefit analysis, recommend integrations or new tech for your stack, or to prepare for a full-blown digital transformation. With the right technology, you can future proof your organization for growth.


In a complete inventory of branded materials, we audit the consistency and effectiveness of your brand. This pulls through your business culture, product and service architecture, the look and feel of the organization, and the go-to-market messaging. Think about those areas of your business today. If it’s not representative of who you want to be, we help you uncover your subconscious design preferences during our signature FilteRED Experience.


Find out how to align sales, marketing, and HR to attract and retain top talent. Just like sales, you need to define your target audience and the plan to get in front of them. The Employer Brand Audit defines your long-term goals for the recruitment program, who qualifies as top talent, and what makes you a desirable employer. You too can be a disruptor in the recruitment space.