The Cobbler’s Children Have No Shoes

by Kathy Steele


You have likely heard the old proverb, “the cobbler’s children have no shoes”, in which the cobbler takes the time to make shoes for the townspeople, yet forgets to focus on making shoes for his own children. Around the time of our one-year anniversary as Red Caffeine, we recognized the unsettling truth—we’ve become the cobbler’s children.

In only our first year of business, we were fortunate to attract six new clients. When you say the words “new client” to a team of creative enthusiasts, it’s no surprise passion and new ideas are bursting at the seams. Instead of focusing on creating our own marketing plan, we were caught up in the excitement of building each of our clients a bad-ass new brand.

We realized it’s time to focus on ourselves, so we’re pouring out the pot of lukewarm marketing + technology methods that we have become used to and brewing up a fresh, steamy pot of caffeinated content.

Integrated Marketing Plan

Just as we recommend to our clients, we developed a 2015 integrated marketing plan.

To refocus efforts on building our brand, we needed an organized plan of action. This included developing a content calendar, allotting a marketing budget and assigning a dedicated team to market for Red Caffeine.

To kick off the year, we gathered the team for coffee and conversation. Here, we drew up the blueprints for our integrated marketing plan.

Content Team

As a growing company, we found our content talent was spread thin. There simply was not enough time to get all the client content and Red Caffeine work done. In 2014, the client came first. In 2015, we will have additional support designated to creating the written word for Red Caffeine.

We are further investing into our content team. Though we added public relations, social media and new writers to our team in 2014, we plan to continue that effort into this year.

The fruits of our labor will be featured in Red Letter, Blog Content, Case Studies and our new Tools You Can Use Series.


While we love using technology, there’s nothing like sharing in-person experiences with people we know and love. This year, we will be hosting a series of experiences and also attending and sponsoring industry and community events.

The consensus drawn from collaborating on client experiences is that events almost always result in positive feedback, spread awareness, and often generate new opportunities.

We want to be a part of the fun. Considering we are professional communicators, events are the best opportunity to share our industry expertise. Some events we have upcoming will include our Content + Cocktails series, where we will mix up market knowledge with a signature drink – how can we go wrong?


In 2015, we want to tinker with new marketing ideas. Who better to be the guinea pig than us?

Experimental marketing is high-risk, high-reward. We see all these cool methods to deliver content as opportune brand differentiators. Some experiments we have in mind are trying out unique ways to use online advertising, testing long versus short blog posts, and creating a video blog or podcast discussing hot  topics.

Although 2015 is the year to focus on building Red Caffeine, we always have our clients’ best interest at heart. Our experimental wins are something we hope to share with our clients and integrate into their own marketing plans. Who doesn’t love a win-win?

As the cobbler’s child, we may not be donning a new pair of fancy red Louboutin’s quite yet. But, we are moving in that direction. We will share our successes and flops in upcoming blog posts, issues of The Red Letter, and case studies. Stay tuned…