The B2C Food Manufacturers’ Guide to Navigating “Hot Food Topics” – Part 2 Content Marketing for Food Manufacturers

by rc


In a previous post, we discussed how B2C food manufacturers can utilize various techniques to spot “hot food trends” on the market. In this article, we take it one step further. Now that you know the latest trends in food manufacturing, now it’s time to learn how to market them. In this article, we’ll go over everything you need to know about content marketing for food manufacturing in 3 steps:  

Elevating your content

Define Your Audience - Defining your audience is the absolute first step when coming up with a content marketing strategy. If your product targets an older demographic, then it’s probably not the best idea to market your content via Snapchat. Determine the interests of your audience and where they seek information online and in print. Once you know your audience, developing the content, connecting with industry leaders, and using the right platforms becomes much easier to navigate.

Connect with Industry Leaders - Connecting with the right leaders in your respective product area is a solid way to build customer loyalty, trust, and confidence in your brand and product. When an industry leader endorses or advocates your product, it is more likely people who support this public figure will get behind it.

Guest Posts - Request the industry leader who you’ve connected with to write a guest blog post or testimonial for your website. The guest blogger will share their post to their own network, which doubles the reach of your content and increases visibility with potential buyers.

Create your content

The Old Becomes NewPut a unique spin on an old idea by reimagining it to fit your topic or needs. Much like our VP Julie Poulos always says, “write once, repurpose many!”

Personalize the Experience - Tailor the content to fit your audience. What are they interested in? What do they find important? This is key to getting the most out of your content marketing strategy.

Where to release your content

Influencer Marketing - After you’ve done your initial research for finding your “hot food trends” you should have a compiled list of influencers in your specific market. The next step, as we have touched on above, is to ask for that influencer to partner on guest posts in order to cross promote your product.

Video & Visual - It’s becoming increasingly popular to reach out to an audience using video or visual forms of communication. Snapchat, YouTube, and Instagram are the top contenders in this field. Though each platform varies in media formatting, video is a simple and easily digestible form of content marketing.

Social Platforms - Social media has become a dominant force in communication. It’s only fitting to utilize these platforms when it comes to content marketing. Engage with your audience, find new connections, and promote content to ensure your content is being seen.  

Email Marketing - Email marketing, when done properly, can be an effective method to promote a product or service. Typically, people must voluntarily submit their information to your database in order to receive emails from your company. If a person submits their information, they do so because they’re interested in receiving information about your new products or promotions. You are communicating directly with individuals who are genuinely interested in learning more.   Following the steps highlighted in part one and two of this series will help ensure you’ve discovered your “Hot Food Trend” and created a brilliant content marketing strategy to go along with it.  

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