Reinventing Yourself: Breaking Bread, Lots of New and Values

by Kathy Steele


2014 has been a year of an incredible amount of change for us here at Red Caffeine. Our former company split into two and we became Red Caffeine Marketing + Technology. As a result, we have had a lot of “new”: new name, new brand, new website, new business cards (we really love our new business cards!), a few new people, new clients, new processes—so much new that we refer to ourselves as a “new business” with the luxury of existing clients, revenue and 10 years of experience. But, we also saw this as a great opportunity to build a solid foundation for Red Caffeine going forward by creating a clear mission, vision, and values.

Culture Club Lunches

The process of defining our mission, vision and values started with our Culture Club lunches. Amidst all of the change while creating Red Caffeine, we decided that we needed to dedicate time every week to spend together as a team. As Julie says, “you don’t really make a connection with someone until you break bread together!” These lunches have served many purposes (which I’ll touch on in future posts). But, the principal purpose of these lunches out of the gate was to name our new company and define the mission, vision and values. These were some great lunches to be a fly on the wall—things were hectic to say the least, yet very productive.

RC Core Values – Filled with Flava

Our first Culture Club lunch task was to create our list of values. We had many informal conversations about our values and had a good sense of what the list would look like. For this reason, honing our values was a fairly easy task for us (mission and vision were not quite as easy). We brainstormed a list of about 25 potential values. Through some healthy debate, we combined items and honed the list down to the 11 values we settled on. Throughout the process, we made sure that our collective personality was represented in the way we worked each value. There may have even been a beer or two drank in this process (during late afternoon sessions, not lunch, of course). Once complete, we printed and framed the values.

RC Core Values

  • We treat each other like royalty
  • We play to win & we win together
  • Everything we do has our flava
  • We are client advocates
  • We’re committed to making an impact
  • We’re passionate and fearless; always challenge each other and ourselves
  • We give back & pay-it-forward
  • We are intentional in our partnerships
  • We own it good or bad
  • We hug it out
  • We value a healthy work and life balance

After completing our core values, we shifted our Culture Club lunch focus to crafting our mission and vision. Keep an eye out for more on that process in my next posts. How do your core values align with ours? How do they differ? Let us know in the comments below.