New Kid on the Block: The Good the Bad and the Hugging

by Heather Carbray


Starting a job anywhere as “the new kid” can be a daunting experience. You never know what to expect or who you will be working with, especially when it’s in a small close-knit group of people. It almost felt like starting high school all over again; would I fit in? I am quite shy, and it takes me a little while to warm up to people. I originally went into Accounting because 1) math was a natural talent of mine, and 2) most accounting jobs consisted of sitting in a small office in the basement not really having to deal with a lot of people. The nerves didn’t last long, as I realized Red Caffeine is a perfectly blended family.

The Good and The Bad

Taking on the role of Front Office Manager was a leap in a whole different direction for me. Although the main focus would be on Accounting, there were many other tasks I soon would learn were expected of me. My new role was exciting, frightening, educational and exhausting, all mixed into a refreshing cup of coffee that I soon would need every day, sometimes twice. I had been out of the Accounting field for quite some time after taking on other jobs that fit better into the schedule of motherhood. Although I am not completely technologically inept, I was used to doing accounting the old way; chiseling on rocks with a hammer and nail and counting with an abacus. Okay, maybe not that bad, but definitely with paper and pen. Today, I am not completely digitally challenged, but I do still use a paper calendar. Whereas, everything here is technology based. E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. I was asked to step out of my comfort zone and do more socially challenging jobs, at least for me (remember I’m shy). No one knew how anxious that type of thing makes me because I didn’t tell them. I just did it; it was part of my job. And I survived. This position and the people I work with have given me the confidence in myself I have been hiding from for quite some time.

The Hugging

There is A LOT of hugging that goes on here, especially from the VP. She hugs EVERYONE. Employees, vendors, clients, you name them, she’ll hug them. She would even hug the mailman if he let her. We are a caffeine-charged, singing, hugging, snapping dysFUNctional group of people. Like the Partridge Family, without the bus. I wonder if I can find room in the budget for that ...