Introducing One of the Newest Members of the Google Partners Program, Red Caffeine!

by Dan Mantilla


After a rough July, it feels great to be back. I’m thankful to have my health and am grateful for the support from my friends, coworkers and family. Since I've been back, I've been going over material, and recently started to take the AdWords Certification exams.

Recently, Google has recognized me, Dan Mantilla, as an AdWords certified professional Woot! Woot! I successfully passed multiple exams that assessed my AdWords product expertise. This shows that I’m qualified to help you grow your business on the web using Google AdWords. How cool is that?

Although I recently received my AdWords certification, I’ve been studying and implementing PPC strategies and tactics since 2010. I started following Internet marketers such as Perry Marshall, author of the Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords; Brad Geddes, founder of Certified Knowledge; and Larry Kim, founder and CTO at WordStream.

Throughout the years, I’ve learned many cool tactics and strategies to implement in client campaigns. I’ve also come across some interesting methodologies for campaign management, which is another blog post in itself.

Some of those cool strategies include the use of long-tail keyword variations in campaigns, writing emotional ad copy (being the unicorn), and building out huge negative keyword lists to maximize budget spend, to name a few.

But while this is good news for me, it’s even greater news for our company and clients. Upon receiving my certification, Red Caffeine has become a Google Partner, which is no easy task. Achieving partner status shows that we have met strict requirements Google has set forth for marketing or advertising agencies.

In order to become a Google Partner, we have:

  • Successfully passed multiple Google AdWords certification exams to demonstrate our knowledge
  • Implemented best practices (performance and client care) to retain customers and keep them happy
  • Managed $10,000 over the last 90 days

So why is this important for you?

Well, existing RC and new clients can remain confident that we are on top of industry standards and trends because the training we're receiving is coming straight from the horse's mouth. Because companies like Google are always changing and improving their products, you can leverage our expertise to assist your company in meeting its online business objectives.

Unfortunately, paid search and SEO tend to get pushed to the side when it comes to planning marketing budgets even though they are, in fact, some of the most important strategies to grow your business. SEM adds value to your efforts, both offline and online, and puts the ROI in ROI. We can track everything from the number of visitors to how many times your site has been shown. And with Google Analytics or conversion tracking, we can measure the number of form fill outs or lead generation and sales opportunities for your business. For you it means you can control budget spend while measuring the return on investment. It’s an effective form of marketing that's measurable and helps determine where to allocate dollars which makes great business sense. So now that I’m AdWords certified my next goal is to become a Google Analytics certified individual so I can help you better interpret what all those numbers mean.