How Marketing Can Help Bridge the Manufacturing Skills Gap

by rc

According to the Manufacturing Institute, nearly 3 ½ million manufacturing jobs will need to be filled over the next decade. However, due to the skills gap, two million of those jobs are projected to go unfilled.

With an aging population of manufacturing workers now approaching retirement, there simply is not enough interest from the younger generation to choose manufacturing as a career. The good news is, there’s new ways business owners can attract the next generation of manufacturers, and it starts with getting serious about recruiting.   

To attract talent, it’s important to showcase career perks the younger generation wants to see. Job security, growth opportunity, and a chance to work with the latest technology are a few of the benefits young talent is looking for in a career. It’s up to you to communicate these benefits to attract and build a great workforce.

Here are some unique ways modern manufacturers are recruiting the next generation of talented makers.

Making manufacturing “cool”

A handful of manufacturing companies do a great job resetting the table and making manufacturing “cool” again. Carr Machine & Tool, a first-class CNC machine shop, successfully launched a podcast called MakingChips. On the podcast, Jim Carr, owner of CARR Machine & Tool Inc., and Jason Zenger, President of ZENGERS, discuss best practices, feature experts in different fields, and interview leaders in the manufacturing industry. In the first six months, the podcast reached over 10,000 downloads and recently hit 75,000 downloads.

CARR Machine & Tool also rebranded, to align a small CNC shop with owner Jim Carr’s big passion and dedication to the industry. Who wouldn’t want to work at CARR Machine & Tool?

Exposing the next generation to the latest technology

A global manufacturing company, Bi-Link, published a feature story about one of their engineering interns, Kevin Trevino. Kevin used Bi-Link’s 3D printers to build rocket parts for a competition he and his AIAA team were competing in. With access to Bi-Link’s 3D printing technology, Kevin and his team saved time and money to build their rockets. They excelled in their competitions at a fraction of the cost.

Telling this story is a great tactic for recruiting young and energetic talent like Kevin.

Implementing video to the recruiting process

Sterling Lumber takes the video approach to attract talent. In one Manufacturing Operator recruiting video produced by Skill Scout, the co-owner, a manager, machine operator, and lead machinist discuss the position they are hiring for, what traits they look for in an ideal candidate, a typical day at Sterling, and why the staff loves their jobs.

A video is a great way to broadcast your hiring needs. It gives candidates an inside look at the company and employees, and it helps a prospective employee envision him or herself as a part of the team.

To attract fresh talent, you need to set yourselves apart from the competition and showcase the opportunities and latest innovations you have to offer. What recruiting techniques have you found success in attracting new talent? Share in the comment section below.

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