Creativity Four Good

by rc

 At Red Caffeine, our purpose is to be entangled with our team, clients, and community to fuel meaningful impact. So how do you make the most significant impact using the skills that you have? 

In early October, Red Caffeine's founder and CEO, Kathy Steele, was invited to speak at the autumn meeting of Four Good. Four Good, sponsored by Capital One and founded by the company’s Creative Director, Kyle Anderson, is a quarterly meet-up for the creative community that has one goal: to solve a problem for a local philanthropic organization within a 4-hour time frame. This event empowers passionate, like-minded professionals to use their skill set as a force for good. Kathy shared her marketing experience in using archetyping to help create a unique and memorable brand persona for a non-profit located in the community. Archetyping is a tool that the branding team at Red Caffeine uses in the work they do with market positioning for clients.  


Along with fellow creatives and Red Caffeine Strategist, Kacey Keegan, Kathy joined in the work of creating a brand archetype and consistent branding to help bring more awareness to The Center, a Chicago-based non-profit organization. Located in Chicago's Englewood neighboorhood, The Center is a collective of community-driven associations and houses nine social service organizations, including a daycare and legal aid clinic. Having only recently established itself, The Center needed help educating the community about its services and promoting its mission of combating educational deficiencies, eradicating hunger, providing after school programs for kids, and helping to make a difference in the neighborhood. The Center's long term goal is to expand to abandoned schools around the country and serve the homeless as well as help mend broken communities.




 After the event participants were briefed about The Center and it's mission in Chicagoland's Englewood community, they were tasked to bring its new brand to life. The assignment included providing recommendations on the brand development of its voice, logo guidelines, colors, typography, photography, and brand archetype. Included are a few examples of the brand, and it's new archetype: the rebel. 



"When it comes to helping communities thrive, the possibilities are endless," said Kathy, "it was incredible to be a part of this experience and contribute to the future success of this vital organization."


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