A New Brand Experience

by rc

The Executives Breakfast Club is where business leaders come together to examine the challenges of the day in the context of our greater obligations, beliefs, and values. The club brings to the stage leaders from some of the most iconic brands like McDonald's, Kraft Heinz, and Ace Hardware alongside other companies revolutionizing business like GrubHub and Kickstarter. In an interview format unlike any other, leaders talk openly and share their experiences about the highs and lows of business.

Red Caffeine's founder, Kathy Steele, has always devoted time to learning from other leaders. The chance to join an organization that examines leadership through the lens of humanity and obligations to the community rather than the standard measures of success led her to the club's Executive Council in 2009.

Red Caffeine's dedication to the mission of the Executives Breakfast Club provided the opportunity to use our expertise and breathe new life into the club’s brand and online experience. As an in-kind service donation, we worked with the club’s leadership team to modernize the logo and improve the look and functionality of the website. Striking a balance between honoring the club’s legacy and our desire to attract emerging leaders, we focused on a few key areas. For the redesign of the logo, it was all about the "hot seat" as the interview-style format is key to the club’s experience. As an event attendee, it's like you dropped into someone's living room and are getting a true behind-the-scenes look at the struggles and successes these leaders face. You get a chance to learn from their mistakes as well as their best practices. Intensifying the color palette gave the over 50-year-old brand some long overdue pop! The Executives Breakfast Club is a non-profit organization so there were some constraints in selecting an appropriate event management platform. Our research led us to software that was both affordable and provided robust features for registration and member management.

If you have not attended an Executives Breakfast Club event - you're missing something special. Register at and join us on November 8th!