Cultural fit: the new hire perspective

by Kayla Portillo


It’s my second week as an Account Manager at Red Caffeine. Amidst all of the onboarding, project management, technical training, and of course signing up for the office softball team, one theme has stayed true: this place has a culture unlike any other I’ve ever experienced in my 10-year career.

Of course, that was part of the reason I applied in the first place, and it was part of every conversation and interview I had with the team. And to be honest, it took me a couple conversations to truly grasp what “culture” meant in this organization.

On the face of it, culture looked like a modern, hip office, a talented and friendly team, a ton of accolades from the local and business communities, and social outings with plenty of caffeine -- and beer for whoever is interested.

After two weeks, I am taking every opportunity to go beyond the surface and understand the heart of the culture, and here’s what it looks like from a newbie’s perspective.

It’s taking the entire office to hear Small Giants founder Paul Spiegelman speak on the value of being great, not necessarily big, and networking with a powerful community of business owners and professionals who have applied that mantra to running profitable companies with cultures worth emulating.

It’s prepping for a meeting with a new client, and geeking out over their product lines for coal slag blasting and roofing headlap granules. It’s seeing how the aforementioned talented team is perfectly positioned to help this company make a meaningful impact on their sales and marketing goals, and advance to the next stage of their business growth.

It’s joining the Red Caffeine cheering section at the 2016 Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce Tyree Awards Kickoff Reception, where our President pitched her story and her vision for this company in less than three minutes and ended the evening as one of the top two vote earners among 12 inspirational semi-finalists. It’s participating in a vision -- for what we do, for understanding what our clients do, and for using our talents to do badass work and give back in meaningful ways.

It’s … actually pretty awesome.

Learn more about how Red Caffeine has established a meaningful culture that drives its business success, and if you’re interested in being a part of this greatness, check out our open positions.