C-Suite Exchange: Business Reboot & Your Employment Brand

by Kathy Steele

As you continue to lead your organization through uncertainty, your brand reputation is more important than ever. Customers and employees are searching for stability and hope. As leaders, how do you present a message of optimism that builds confidence and faith in your organization? Should your company take a position on social injustice? What does the employee experience look like now and in the future?

Kathy Steele, CEO and President of Red Caffeine will lead an interactive webinar on July 22, 2020, from 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM CST to explore key employer brand considerations and how they influence your current and future employees.

Kathy’s takeaways will reveal:

  • The key benefits of building an organization where employees want to work.
  • Gaps in your current employment brand strategy.
  • Taking a brand stance on diversity and inclusion.
  • A more strategic approach to attract and retain employees and customers.
  • Appropriate budget considerations and measures of success.
  • The outcomes of brands that have gotten it right.

Join us for this vital session addressing your organization’s most critical asset - your people. We’ll follow up with the next phase of this discussion on August 12 where we will present information on recruiting, onboarding, and engagement that is supportive of your diversity and inclusion efforts. 

Register your team today as you prepare to revitalize your business!