Breakfast Just Got Better

by Lisa Behning

 The Executives Breakfast Club taps into the heart and soul of leadership. Through conversations with leading executives, we’re getting personal and exploring the significant, often difficult experiences that forge true leaders and build strong character.

Meet the Executive Director of EBC - Lisa Behning

By Lisa Behning

Hello, Everyone!



The Executives Breakfast Club is more than just a networking group; it's the place for leaders who want to become better versions of themselves by learning with and from each other. Our fireside-style chats get into the heart of leadership - each month, our speakers share how they have become the leader they are, who has helped them along the way, pitfalls they have experienced, and their hopes and dreams for not only themselves but their teams. It's an "under the hood" look at leadership and gets to the heart (literally - we have had some tears at times).


My personal involvement started when I joined Red Caffeine and attended my first session. I was hooked! This networking group was open, inviting and warm - not cliquey, not judgemental. The speakers were top-notch, and as a mid-level leader at the last few companies I had worked at, I wish I had had this opportunity years ago to network and learn.

The EBC and Red Caffeine worked together since June 2018 to support the EBC's current website and build a new website that was completed in September 2019. I had the opportunity to work with the previous Executive Director, Irina Ioffe, during this team and get to know the behind-the-scenes of the Club.


I have always had a passion for event management - which Red Caffeine does support our clients with, but currently not any of mine. When Irina decided to step down in January 2020 to continue down a new career path, she recommended to the EBC's Board that I would be her natural replacement with my knowledge of how the organization works, my presence and that I knew the website and member management system inside and out. I had already had a test run in December 2019 when Irina had fallen ill and I stood in for her so the EBC Board had seen how I handled the event - and I loved doing it! Although I was sad to see Irina depart, I was also excited about the opportunity to help continue this organization's great work.

There are so many wonderful aspects to the EBC, but I feel that the best sentiment of all is when a first-time attendee shares that this is one of, if not, the best networking event they have been to. I look forward to hearing that reaction more as the EBC Board, Red Caffeine and I grow the organization as everyone can benefit from the message shared.