A Love Letter from Kathy and Julie ❤

by Julie Poulos

November 1st marks the 4th anniversary of Red Caffeine. Each year we celebrate this milestone at our Halloween Party. Our anniversary is a time of reflection and gratitude for those who helped us overcome the challenges as we "re-booted" the business. Three key things that have impacted us most have been: Focus on People - We believe happy people do amazing work. Establishing our core values, a vision for growth and our purpose have provided us a foundation and clarity. Our team is highly energized, passionate and proud of the work we do and the impact it has on our clients. Great Game of Business - Financial transparency seemed scary, but we did it anyway. Sharing the ups and downs of business with the entire team helps us align and focus. And playing games at work is just plain fun! Intentional Relationships - This is a core value for us. We are deeply grateful to our client partners that bravely transitioned along with us, the new clients that have joined our RC Family, as well as our friends and mentors who support and champion us. In four years, we have accomplished a great deal. We tripled our team, added new services, and entered new markets, all while staying true to our values and purpose. We have learned so much from all of you. Thank you for your hand in our success. Cheers!