A Client, a Prospect, and a Job Candidate Walk into Your Office…

by Clarissa Johnstone

Would they have a sense of your company’s culture right away? Does your space truly represent what it’s like to work there, and would a prospective client get a sense of what it would be like to work with you? If you asked if your space represents your company’s personality, what would they say?

Hopefully, they say that your brand shines through in the office because, frankly, your brand is one of the most important aspects of your business. You invest a lot of time and money in making sure your corporate identity represents who you are. It’s that special something that your customers and employees are attracted to, and it’s what keeps them loyal. So maintaining your image and identity should be a high priority whether you’re an owner or manager.

When potential clients or interviewees walk through your door, you want to give them an instant impression of your brand’s culture and personality. Candidates and clients want to connect with your brand, and they will be hesitant to sign on with you if they don’t feel a connection. The easiest way to do this is to make sure your office reflects who you are.

You may be wondering why any of this “branding stuff” is important. The answer is that in today’s day and age, it’s not only hard to attract the top talent for your team, but you have to make sure they align with your company’s culture and values.

Today, modern office spaces are completely different than what they used to be. Huge companies like Microsoft, Facebook, and Google have led the way by designing amazing offices, including things like play areas with slides and indoor farms. I’m not suggesting you need to have pygmy goats wandering your office or that you need to install a playground (But come on - that would be completely awesome). Finding a good balance between socialization and collaboration areas will only strengthen your company’s productivity, increase the potential to retain top talent, and attract new clients. In need of a little employer branding inspiration?

Here are a few examples of changes that you can easily make to your space:

  • Make sure your company’s brand standards are held up in the design of your office space. Use your brand colors, but if your colors are bold or bright do not overdo it. Make sure that your entire space from the front entrance to the back door reflects your brand. You can work with design experts when making major design decisions.   
  • Incorporate your core values creatively and prominently in your space, whether they’re displayed on posters or printed on a large canvas. You can even think outside-the-box and create an animation/video that loops on your lobby monitor.
  • Display original, unique graphics that speak to the history of your company and communicate the foundation of what your company was built on.
  • Install custom design graphics in a unique way. Choose ones that highlight your employees, what you do, and who you do it for. Consider using non-traditional materials like metal or transparent plexiglass.
  • Let your employees decorate their personal workspace. This will give them a sense of ownership, and they’ll enjoy coming to work more.
  • Create areas where your employees will want to gather to collaborate, as well as designated quiet areas that are optimized for meetings or a quiet escape if they need to focus.
  • Design areas for your employees to let loose and play a game or two. Hook up a gaming system to one of your monitors or have board games in the eating areas. We have a ping-pong table that doubles as a conference table and dry erase board. Remember: Employees that play together, work well together.

When getting ready to brand your office space, the most important things to consider are how your brand is seen through your clients’ perspectives and the overall wants and needs of your employees. After all, it’s your talent who generates your company’s revenue and your clients who materialize that revenue. Listen and learn from them. This could lead to getting a few tennis tables, a new espresso machine, or even a nap pod (don’t forget that a pygmy goat is always an option too - or maybe just an office dog will suffice). Of course, the end decision is yours, but an engaged and happy workforce is usually a productive one.

Need inspiration or assistance branding your space? Let us know. We can help!

Here's an insider's look at a few things we've done for our client, Ergoseal, to help brand their office space: