3 Ways to Turn Your Website into a Powerful Recruiting Tool

by rc


By 2025, 3 out of every 4 workers will be millennials. The time is now to start making your company culture stand out and appeal to this next generation. Unlike previous generations, millennials are looking for more. They want flexible schedules, great benefits and a great work-life balance.

Top talent look at company websites first to get an idea of the personality of the company, its culture, the people who work there, what you can offer them, and what makes you stand out compared to competitors.

To attract top talent (and no organization can afford not to recruit the best talent), it’s crucial to have a website that gives potential employees a sneak peek inside the culture.

Let’s take a closer look at how three different companies from different industries are using their websites as a powerful recruiting tool.

Bechtel - Construction and Civil Engineering Using Video to Tell Employee Stories


Bechtel, an engineering, construction, and project management company, has been named the top U.S. contractor by Engineering News-Record for 17 years running. They build everything from airports to pipelines and national laboratories. Unique to Bechtel, they actually have two websites. Their main website displays the classic “Who We Are, What We do, Insights, etc,” but they also have an offshoot of their main website that includes videos and blueprints of impressive projects they have done and stories about Bechtel employees. To attract top talent, they focus on telling their story — from a team member’s perspective. One of the featured videos is of a man named Tomás, a recent graduate who is working on his first railway job with Bechtel. Here, he discusses his education, work experience, what Bechtel has given him and where he hopes it takes him. By featuring an employee, we get to see the company from an insider's perspective and feel that personal connection.

Radio Flyer - Toy Industry Dedication to Ongoing Education & Training


Famous for the “Little Red Wagon”, Radio Flyer has been voted #1 for the third year in a row in the small company category for Best Places to Work in Illinois. How do they win year after year? Visibility and competitive advantages. On their website, they have a variety of components that help their culture stand out. One of them is Wagon U. According to the company, Wagon U was developed, To provide learning experiences and tools that help us achieve our Vision, Mission and Values and that build capability for all team members to advance their personal and professional journeys from Good to Great.” By installing this program into their company culture, it shows the company's dedication to providing endless growing and learning opportunities to their employees. Impressive, no doubt.

Wight & Company - Architecture and Planning Developing a sneak peek inside the culture


Wight & Company’s website focuses heavily on showcasing their culture, work environment and the experience of working with them. They include an aerial view of part of their office, rotating pictures of team members, and a designated person (name, email, picture and twitter handle included) to send your resume to! How often do you see that? By having a face and a name to send your resume to, you can make your email much more personal by addressing it to the person who will receive it. Another cool feature of the website is rotating pictures of team members along with a tagline, “We hire people for a career, not just for a job". This quote allows prospective employees know that this company is serious about building long-lasting relationships and wants employees to be part of their company for their entire career, not just a 1-2 year period before they move onto the next job.

From these three examples, you can see that differentiating yourself from the competition and highlighting key advantages of working at your company is what will attract top talent to your company. How does your website compare?

Did you know? Red Caffeine recently won Best Place to Work.