Rolling the Dice to Stand Out

By Christiana Henry

Thursday, September 30, 2021

How do you showcase your custom capabilities when all of your clients’ products are under strict NDAs? That was exactly the challenge Specialty Manufacturing Inc. (SMI) brought to our team. 


SMI makes a big impact in the medical and lighting industries as a leading contract manufacturer specializing in small, custom-engineered silicone products. But they could not share any of their work. We came up with a custom solution of our own for a promotional product they could make themselves to showcase their capabilities without revealing any of their clients’ proprietary products. 


We put our heads together and found the perfect balance of technical and whimsical — optically-clear dice. We knew this surprising execution would have a variety of uses in campaigns and giveaways, while allowing us to highlight the four main capabilities that were a hallmark of SMI’s high level of quality and attention to detail. 


Optically clear silicone, check. Injection molding, check. Etching, check. Polishing, check. 



The choice of the dice was also strategically aligned with the brand’s messaging around their process. Every project is custom, and SMI’s differentiating story is the flexibility they bring to develop products uniquely suited to each client’s need. We crafted messaging and packaging that showed off the dice -- and the client -- in the best light. These “Roll with us” kits packed a creative punch while still providing crucial industry-specific details that could be customized per campaign or event. 


The result was a clever twist on a classic object our audience would be familiar with that demonstrated what SMI was capable of not only technically, but also as a company that excelled at exceeding expectations.



SMI is currently giving away sets of their custom dice on their LinkedIn page. Enter to win by commenting on how you have rolled the dice on something that worked in your favor. 


The moral of the story: Never shy away from betting on yourself.

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Christiana Henry

Christiana Henry

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