For the Love of Slag

U.S. Minerals & Black Diamond

U.S. Minerals is a recognized leader in the slag industry, and they were ready to take their brand to the next level. However, insights uncovered in our strategy + branding research verified that their existing brand architecture did not align with their multiple audiences and diverse product offerings.

A New Structure for Maximum Impact

We developed a new brand architecture that recognized the diverse needs of their stakeholders and product offerings – a corporate brand for partnerships with roofing clients and distributors, and a product brand for abrasives customers.

Branding with the Experts

We invited the U.S. Minerals team to participate in our signature FILTERED experience to kick off the branding process. The client was presented with dozens of images, graphics, and design inspiration. They FILTERED the visual concepts that they both loved and hated. Our design team incorporated key trends and themes into their new brands and branded materials. 

U.S. Minerals: A Brand You Can Count On

The U.S. Minerals parent brand represents the following characteristics that were called out by current customers during strategy: caring, customer-driven, attentive, knowledgeable, committed, and honest. The logo is designed to look like an abstract house, appealing to the roofing industry, and providing a sense of comfort and reliability.

Black Diamond: Hit Harder. Clean Faster.

Black Diamond abrasive products is the U.S. Minerals product brand, and is designed to stand out in a highly-competitive retail and distributor market while complementing the corporate identity. The new Black Diamond is transformational, powerful, courageous, resilient, bold, and confident.

Rolling out the New Brands

We designed a product snapshot, business cards, brand new website, and tradeshow experience materials. U.S. Minerals debuted their brand new brands at their biggest annual industry conference.

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