Great Lakes Seminars

Helping a Hands-On PT Education Provider Connect in a Crowded Marketplace

Great Lakes Seminars (GLS), which provides continuing education classes for Physical and Occupational Therapists across the country, was looking for a strategic partner to help them grow. Red Caffeine was brought on to help GLS tell their story in a crowded marketplace.

Finding the Differentiator

GLS’ unique 75% hands-on training approach is a differentiator and significant value-add compared to competitors. The questions were how to: 

  • Tell this story so Physical and Occupational Therapists would listen
  • Create a website that captured who GLS truly is and better serve their current and future customers
  • Develop a proactive marketing strategy based on data



Bringing Out the Compassion

Red Caffeine helped Great Lakes Seminars bring their compassionate, loving and caring nature to the forefront with a new brand story and revamped logo. Building off their original image of a lighthouse, a colorful water design was introduced to the logo, analogizing tranquil lake waves to the calm brought by Physical and Occupational Therapists to their patients. 

Simplifying Data & Registration

Red Caffeine built a site that streamlined the user experience and better collected and organized data. The site’s improved registration software allows GLS to easily monitor, track and manage form submissions and content without a dedicated IT staff - a huge time and money saver for a small business. In the rare instance GLS needs help, Red Caffeine can be a one-stop-shop for any fixes.

Full-Stack Partner

Red Caffeine and Great Lakes Seminar continue to partner, driving leads through PPC campaigns and social media consultation.

“It has been a pleasure working with Red Caffeine. Our updated registration software is a game-changer,” said Tony Castaldi, President of Great Lakes Seminars. “Red Caffeine focuses on what is truly beneficial for our business, not what is best for their bottom line. Integrity like this is truly refreshing.”

ROI So Far

While working with Red Caffeine, Great Lakes Seminars:

  • Broke their annual goal to reach 40+ private course registrations 
  • Are on their way to hit their secondary goal of 25+ registrants per class 
  • Have data-driven insights into their business because of an improved registration system

Case Studies