These Girls Are on Fire

Bales Metal Surface Solutions

Bales, a leader in the metal finishing industry, underwent a dramatic leadership change years ago and still, no one seemed to know. The young, second-generation owners wanted to introduce themselves to their customers and prospects, but how? We answered by sharing their compelling story with trade and mainstream press, keeping them top-of-mind with their current customers and introduced the dynamic duo to new markets. 

Before you create a refreshed brand story, you need strategic insights. In the strategy phase, we conducted a competitive review, online audit, interviewed customers and prospects and developed positioning to target their buyer personas. Protecting the life of molds, dies, tooling, and components in ways their competitors don’t dare. Their former name “Bales Mold Services” confused prospective clients.

All of our research circled back to one primary issue – Bales no longer fit their own mold. Changing the official Bales name was a key part of rebranding the company.

Bold, bright and clean — that’s the design of Bales’ new website. The new site made requesting a quote easy and efficient and also created a space to tell the Bales’ story through customer success stories, the latest news, and upcoming events.

Digital Marketing

We work with the client and a customer to illustrate specific challenges Bales can solve. Case studies are shared with a 1000+ network through monthly emails and garners open rates between 15% and 20% and has led to a number of highly qualified leads.

Public Relations

Appearing on magazine covers, winning industry awards and being featured on podcasts - the Bales team has received incredible media exposure since 2015. Media mentions are great, but when customers and prospects take the time to send personal emails you know your story has resonated. We love that!  

Case Studies