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Natalie Dubs

Natalie Dubs

Account Manager

Why I'm a BADASS

I’ve started departments and managed departments but there’s nothing quite like rolling your sleeves up and digging in. For the past 10+ years I’ve successfully run marketing campaigns and programs from small- scale to large scale and everything in between. I consider myself a marketing engineer - putting together the solution to client’s pain points is what drives me.

Street Cred

  • 10+ years in marketing programs management
  • Account Executive Certified by Second Wind
  • B2C / B2B experience
  • RC’s first ever “Brewed To Perfection” AMBadassador Award Winner

Super Powers

Efficiency & Data Minded Results Driven

Industry Experience

Healthcare, Construction, Manufacturing, Restaurant, Professional Services, Architecture, Municipality, Engineering, Consumer Product Goods and the list keeps growing!


In my spare time I enjoy hanging with the family. Having a baby girl recently, it’s really exciting to show her the ways of the world and get the opportunity to experience everything with a totally different lens. When we get the occasional night out, my husband and I enjoy checking out new breweries / restaurants in the area. My goal is to start a local support community for working moms!