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Melinda McCoy

Melinda McCoy

Creative Resource Manager

Why I'm a BADASS

The Creative Resource Manager is your guide to the Labyrinth of project scheduling.  My job is to ensure you get a kick-ass team to complete your project (on time and budget, of course). Collaboration is my middle name. I work very closely across all departments to ensure issues are resolved, processes are working and improved, and goals are clearly defined, so all teams are working towards the same end game!  I have always loved putting all the pieces together of a schedule and watching all the cogs spin and doohickeys twirl to make great creative work. It’s like a live version of the game mousetrap!  

Street Cred

  • 17 Years Traffic Management
  • 5 Years Agency Experience
  • 10 Years of Resource Management
  • Project Management Software Guru 
  • Process and Workflow Management

Super Powers

Problem Solver and Traffic Extraordinaire 

Industry Experience

Media, B2B, Vet Tech, Web Design, Technology, E-Learning, Digital Advertising


Halloween is not just a holiday. It is a lifestyle.  This includes movies, books, and TV shows, and I have been known to spend a rainy Saturday binging on any of the three.  When not seeking out the ever-scary media outlet, I love spending time with my dog, Marin. She pretty much runs the household.  We have moved back to Maryland after living in Maine and New Hampshire for 20+ years.  Bring on the Maryland Blue Crab feast!