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Max Maxwell

Max Maxwell

Director of Business Development

Why I'm a BADASS

I think… differently. The ability to see around corners and over walls is all about the perspective. Crafting a brand and the story that resonates with a target audience is a passion. The evolution of that story and a client’s growth is the ultimate reward!

Street Cred

  • 30 years of sales, design, marketing and, branding in almost every vertical.
  • From Fortune 500 companies to the top 10 national builders.
  • Seven Chicago BMA’s, published in Print, GD USA and Communication Arts. It is never about an “atta boy” from a client, but rather, “we” did it!

Super Powers

The ability to turn anything into art! Dare me.

Industry Experience

Aerospace, Construction, Manufacturing, Retail, Food and Beverage. Design,
Marketing Services, Non-Profit, Civic.


Married for twenty-six years, the proud father of two amazing young men and one fuzzy daughter, Riley the wonder dog. When I am not doodling cartoons, I am buried in a Bon Appetit, whipping up something fabulous and making a disaster of the kitchen.