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Kathy Kelley


Why I'm a BADASS
I can find the selling feature in just about anything—all it takes is real knowledge of what you’re offering and who/where your potential audience lies.

Street Cred
Armed with a degree in advertising, I started my career as a catalog copywriter, advanced to copy chief, and then embarked on a long career as a Freelance Partner. I’ve written everything from product copy for dog beds to fact sheets about mitigating vapor intrusion—and almost everything in between. I also spent 4-5 years as a dedicated medical editor, which gave me razor-sharp (or shall I say, scalpel-sharp) attention to detail. (Please note that I’m actually funnier than that joke might imply.)

Super Powers
Incredibly flexible writing abilities, editing skills, ability to juggle multiple projects without dropping the ball.

Industry Experience
B2C, B2B, Environmental Science, Healthcare, Journalism.

I enjoy gourmet cooking and, weather-permitting, going on long walks or short runs. I’ve written numerous spec comedy scripts and one novel. My number one passion, shared with my husband and adult son, is travel.