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Kashif Movania

Kashif Movania

Director Of Application Development

Why I'm a BADASS

I have more than 20 years of experience in technology development. I am a customer focused growth agent. I strongly believe the role of technology is to make people's lives better. Usefulness takes precedence over everything else. Over my career I have had the opportunity to build products like CRM, ERP, CMS, LMS, Event Management and Association Management Systems which have contributed to making things easy for more than a million people.

Street Cred

  • 20 years in Technology Industry
  • Broad Business Process Knowledge
  • Volunteer for more than 30 Non-Profits
  • Expert in Multitude of Technologies.

Super Powers

My ability to accept other people’s perspective, and work with them to achieve results.

Industry Experience

Non-Profit, Education, Manufacturing, Franchising, Marketing, Technology, Automotive, Real Estate.


I love to cook and fix cars.