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David Boensch

David Boensch


Why I'm a BADASS

I embrace challenges. Arm me with an insightful strategy expressed in an actionable brief, and I will find ways to make your brand stand out from its competitors and persuade potential customers to choose your company over others. Creating exceptional marketing materials that deliver results has fueled my career – and in turn will help your team win, too.

Street Cred

  • Two decades in creative development and leadership
  • Proven track-record in producing share-winning work
  • Effie Winner
  • Adweek’s Best of the Year, Cannes Finalist, One Show, Clios, CA, Print Annual, Mobius
  • Best in Show at OMMA
  • Adobe Certified
  • Panelist and Speaker – School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Columbia College, DePaul University

Super Powers

Proactive listening and the ability to bring ideas to life.

Industry Experience

Manufacturing, Consumer Products, Beverages, Sports Marketing, Healthcare, Agricultural Business, Banking, Telecom, Social Expression, Franchise Restaurants, Lifecare, Home Appliances, Retail, Technology

Brand design, web design, social media, video and commercial production, photo direction, print, positioning and strategic concept development


On my off time, I continue to create. Whether it’s in re-landscaping my garden, cooking multi-course meals, or remodeling a bathroom, I love to make beautiful things meet a functional brief. Life inspires my work and very often my work inspires my life. On vacation out West, I watercolor when I am not fly fishing or hiking. When I travel abroad, generally I set out with a map but rarely use it, preferring instead to get lost and allow myself to experience the hidden gems I find along the way.