Clarissa Johnstone

Creative Director Consultant

Why I'm a BADASS
The client's goals and user experience are always my main objective. My focus on end-user engagement is what sets my work apart from others. My design philosophy is to evoke responses through meaningful imagery, action-driven content, and clean innovative layouts. I stay abreast of trends and love being a part of starting new ones. But my main objective is to create classic, long-living designs that hold up over time. I’m passionate about working collaboratively across all departments to deliver the best possible vision of our client’s needs.

Street Cred

  • 18 Years of Industry Experience 
  • 10 Years in Leadership Role 
  • 40 Award-Winning Projects & Campaigns  
  • Strategic advisor and value builder for mid-market and enterprise organizations on 
    • Corporate and Employer Branding 
    • Strategic Marketing Plans 
    • Experiential Design 
    • Print Design 
    • Digital Design 
    • User Interface & Website Design 
    • User Experience Design 

Super Powers
Problem Solver and Multi-layer Visual Design Ideation

Industry Experience 
Technology, Risk Management, Professional Services, Manufacturing, Economic Development, Education, Consumer Products, Beauty, Interior Design, Automotive, Construction/Remodeling, Real Estate.

I can’t think of anything I enjoy more than dining alfresco near the water with friends and family. I love hearing about the hottest trends in gaming from my 15-year-old son and listening to my 19-year-old daughter pursue her dream of becoming a professional vocal performer.