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April Smith Miller

April Smith Miller

Integrated Marketing Manager

Why I'm a BADASS

I eat, sleep, and drink marketing. I use integrated marketing to increase high engagement with a brand. There is so much clutter post COVID, innovative marketing strategies ensure brand awareness, which results in a higher ROI and market share.

Street Cred

  • 20 + years in marketing
  • Certified in Integrated Marketing
  • B2B and B2C
  • Successfully positioned Fortune 500 companies within the marketplace using integrated marketing

Super Powers

Innovative + data driven

Industry Experience

Non-profit, Retail, Travel, Manufacturing, Insurance, Healthcare, Shipping, B2C


I enjoy watching my beloved Chicago Bears and everything Marvel. Also, there is no better feeling than curling up with a good Jane Austen novel (especially Pride and Prejudice) and a good cup of tea. In addition, I enjoy going on nature walks with my husband and daughter.