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Aisha Mock

Aisha Mock

Human Resource Manager

Why I'm a BADASS
I am the HR Guru here at Red Caffeine. I have a passion for connecting with people and helping employees be great! I love time management and simplifying processes so that the company can run better and we all are working smarter, not harder. I love looking for new talent and thinking outside the box when it comes to recruiting. I am an introvert but outspoken.

Street Cred

  • 10+ Years Human Resource Experience
  • 7+ Years in Leadership roles
  • 10+ Years of Mentoring Adolescents
  • 10+ Years of Personal Tax Experience
  • Human Resources Advisory boards
  • Whos Who Amongst Students award

Super Powers

Solution focused, great leader, compassionate, giver, and positive thinker!

Industry Experience
Social Work, Personal Taxes, Human Resources, Non-Profit industries, Mentoring, Entrepreneurship and Natural Products.

I love musicals. I love working with adolescents to help them see and work at their full potential. I am very family oriented. I’m married and have two kids (my son is 25 and my daughter is 16). I also own a small business -BOriginall.