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Organizations of all sizes and across industries struggle to overcome many of the same challenges. The areas outlined below are the most common reasons clients approach us for consulting and creation services. Our experience solving these challenges has shaped our team to be experts in making an impact on an organization's brand awareness, lead generation, sales enablement, digital transformation, and employer branding successes.


Clients often come to us and claim to be the ‘the best-kept secret’ in the industry. In our experience, we’ve found that secrets aren’t good for sales. That’s why we’ve made it our Mission to tell our clients’ stories. We want your customers to be familiar with your goods or services, to recognize your brand identity, to trust you, and to refer you to their network.

The most common types of brand awareness challenges we hear are: “We’re really good at what we do, but we’re not well known in the industry;” “We’re trying to break into a new market where we’ve never done business before;” “Our customers only know us for the services they use, but we really have much more to offer;” “We have a poor reputation due to something that happened in the past, but we’ve come a long way since then.” Sound familiar?

When you work with us, we start by establishing a strategic brand foundation. Next, we plan, create, and execute an integrated campaign to get in front of your target audience. When your ideal customers are repeatedly exposed to your brand, you become top of mind when they are ready to place an order.

So, whether you’re the ‘best-kept secret’ or entering a new industry, you need brand awareness to generate recognition, loyalty, and ultimately advocacy.


Businesses get stuck. It happens all the time. So, what’s your reason for stagnant growth? Odds are, you’ve been fishing in the same pond for years on end; your organization’s sales strategy is solely reactive; or, perhaps, you’re attracting business, but it’s not the ‘right’ type of business.

Lead generation means executing outbound marketing efforts to bring inbound leads. It requires consistent messaging, created for your customer, wherever they are in the buying cycle.

We start by building a plan to help you focus on accelerating your business growth and sustainability. Next, we create and distribute content to the new prospects our team helped you identify. After each outbound marketing effort, you must continually measure, monitor, and adjust the campaign. It might take a few tries to discover what your customers need to trigger a sale. That’s why we stay with your sales team as partners in perpetuity. As your audience and the industry evolves, we tweak the communication strategy to ensure success.

The end goal is to build a growth engine that continues to fill your pipeline with the right type of prospects for your business.

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To start, what does sales enablement mean? We define sales enablement as the people, processes, tools, and technologies that your team needs to sell more effectively. In our sales audit, we analyze each of those pieces so we can recommend strategies to optimize the selling experience for your sales team and your customers. The outcome of sales enablement is sales and marketing alignment.

Before you can see sales lift, you need to have a defined process that is understood and adopted by each sales associate within your organization. Consistency is key for efficiency. Processes include frequency of outreach prior to making the sale, documentation of sales activity across the organization and throughout the prospect nurturing relationship, follow-up communication efforts, and more.

Market research helps us uncover the right tools to enable your sales team. If you don’t already have it, we make it. If you do have it, we can help make it better. Technology elevates your process to the next level. We determine where we can automate information sharing or sales touch points during each phase of the sales process: pre-sale, during sale, and post-sale. Plus, data and insights can help determine sales focus. Where should we prioritize our outreach time based on your customers’ interests, or what are the frequently asked questions that we could create beneficial content for our customers?

Marketing brings in the leads, and it’s the salesperson's job to close the deal. Are you a business leader? Then it's your job to make sure your sales team is enabled with the resources they need to git-r-done.

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Strategic growth requires a people + people plan. You must prioritize both the customer and employee experience to create a high-performance organization. You need to build your culture around a positive employee experience to attract and retain top talent. People want to work with and for brands that have a clear purpose and invest in their people.

But what does top talent mean for your organization? Our team invests in understanding your business, your customers, and your culture so we can help you define who qualifies as top talent for your organization. We survey your team to benchmark overall employee engagement and determine what makes you a desirable employer to top talent employees. Then we help you get in front of more similar candidates.

If you are not confident in your employer brand, we can help. Through workshops and brand consulting, we assist your team in developing a mission, vision, and values that your people are proud to live each day. We build a recruitment experience that helps you attract the right talent and integrate technology to streamline the process. We plan employee engagement activities to get your team excited about the business direction.

Our programs enhance your business performance through people performance.

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Technology underpins all business today. Those who don’t invest will not keep pace with their competition. It might never feel like the timing is quite right to address an upgrade in digital infrastructure, but change is good and mandatory to grow.

So, how digital is your company? Are you a company that has a website to say you have it, or are you a tech-savvy integrated organization with your website connected to your CRM and ERP? Depending on how digitally enabled your organization is, digital transformation could mean something different for you.

We audit your technology systems to help you prioritize the digital solutions that will have top- and bottom-line impact. The builds could include system integrations, e-commerce functionality, sales insight tools, transforming your digital brand presence, and more.

When your technology solutions are built and connected with purpose, the resulting power can differentiate your brand, grow new revenue streams, and save valuable time. This internet thing is here to stay.

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