Transparency and Communication to Attract and Retain Top Talent

The Intersection of Technological Innovation and Consulting Expertise

KCIC is a consulting firm that helps companies manage their product liabilities. Offering traditional consulting services, platform-related consulting services, and custom technology services, they exist at the intersection of technology and deep consulting expertise.


KCIC’s client list was growing at a faster pace than expected, and the bigger workload demanded additional, well-equipped team members. At the time, KCIC was struggling with employee attraction, let alone attracting qualified applicants to excel in their complex industry. They had never before invested in their culture or brand, and this lack of investment was evident in their online presence. KCIC’s President, Jonathan Terrell, was ready and excited to start making changes that would benefit the company’s overall aesthetic, reputation and culture and, ultimately, to build a healthier business that attracts top talent. We interviewed employees from every level and every department to determine why KCIC was not attracting the right talent. The team’s consensus was their brand was stale, it lacked credibility and an inviting culture. In response, KCIC sought to establish a credible and transparent brand that communicated its purpose online and in person.

Transparency and Communication to Attract and Retain Top Talent


Our solution was to establish a multifaceted approach to showcase their culture and expertise. First, we helped launch their blog, Risky Business, which is written by KCIC’s experts and shares success stories and commentary on industry topics. Beyond being a great sales tool and employee engagement activity, the blog content also gave applicants insight to what it’s like to work at KCIC and how you can create a long-standing career at KCIC. We also founded their social media presence to give their audience timely updates on culture content, new Risky Business blogs and current events. Next, KCIC made the decision to externally share their internal company Playbook. The KCIC Playbook explicitly lays out who they are, why they exist, how they behave, what they do and how they’ll succeed. It was inspirational and made an impact internally, and they hoped it would have the same effect with their external audience. Once the foundation was set, KCIC could confidently execute their recruitment strategy, leveraging college career fairs and campus recruiting events at various Ivy League and prestigious universities. Following the event, applicants could visit KCIC’s newly built Careers page on their website to learn about KCIC and how they can use their expertise to contribute to the company.

Transparency and Communication to Attract and Retain Top Talent


Promoting their playbook externally, launching a company blog, and using social media enabled KCIC to be more transparent and attractive to prospective candidates. As an added bonus, the brand refresh also engaged new clients, because what attracts talent can also be attractive to clients. KCIC’s commitment to branding grew their team from 35 to 65 employees, they were recognized as one of Washington D.C. metro’s 50 fastest growing mid-sized companies, they opened a Chicago office, and had an 80% growth in revenue in just 4 years.